OKBET | Marcos Jr.’s journey to Singapore to Witness the Formula One Races has Drawn Criticism.

A weekend trip to Singapore by Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. to watch Formula One races has been criticized as “totally cruel” as thousands of Filipinos remain homeless as a result of a recent typhoon.

After a barrage of online criticism, Marcos Jr. acknowledged his journey to Singapore for the Grand Prix event in a short message and photos posted on Facebook on Monday night.

“They say golf is the greatest way to generate business, but I think Formula One,” Marcos Jr. added. “Wow, it was a productive weekend.”

He said, without going into more detail, that he was invited with other dignitaries and met new business associates who were prepared to invest in the Philippines. He added that he will share more information at a later time.

Throughout the course of the weekend, rumors on various social media platforms spread regarding Marcos Jr.’s mysterious journey to Singapore. The press secretary for Marcos Jr. did not offer a confirmation until after a Singaporean official released images on Facebook showing Marcos Jr. when he was in the city-state of Singapore.

Marcos Jr. was one of the visiting diplomats that Singaporean Minister for Manpower Tan See Leng mentioned as having met with him “to affirm our bilateral economic relationships and strengthen collaborations in energy cooperation as well as exchange views on manpower policies on the sidelines of the race.”


The Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong, has also shared images of himself with other people, including Marcos Jr. and his wife, Liza Araneta-Marcos, on his Facebook page. The description for the photo said, “Happy to connect up again with friends from both home and abroad, to watch the race and enjoy the good company,” and it included the phrase “to enjoy the good company.”

Critics attacked the secrecy that surrounded the president’s trip, and they requested more information about it from the government, including whether or not public monies and resources were utilized on the trip.

“We believe that considering the nation’s predicament, the Singapore F1 weekend vacation was insensitive, unneeded, and irresponsible,” Renato Reyes of the left-wing Bayan political coalition said in a statement. “Only the most heartless and brazenly entitled people would miss this point.”

According to a Philippine official, Marcos Jr., his wife, and two kids flew out of Manila on a military jet on Friday for an overnight stay in Singapore to witness the Grand Prix races, his third trip to Singapore since winning the presidential election in May. Because of a lack of authorization to address the topic publicly, the official with knowledge of the trip spoke on the condition of anonymity.

The Kilusang Mayo Uno labor organization called the trip an insult to workers dealing with hyperinflation and poor salaries, as well as victims of a severe typhoon that devastated northern regions a week ago, killing at least 12 people and leaving a path of damage. Thousands of people were still displaced as a result of the assault, according to the government’s disaster response agency.

Marcos Jr., the son of a dictator who was deposed in 1986 by an army-backed pro-democracy movement known as “People Power,” took office in June after a resounding election victory.

He inherited significant issues, such as a pandemic-ravaged economy, increased poverty and unemployment, decades-old insurgencies, and the threat of a food catastrophe, which was exacerbated in part by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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