OKBET | URCC Will Feature Bare-Knuckle Boxing on Future Card

On October 27, four bare-knuckle fights are slated for URCC 80 at the Xylo at the Palace in Taguig.

Until 1867, bare-knuckle boxing was the only type of sports boxing.

Bare-knuckle boxing’s rebirth in the previous decade, notably in England, inspired URCC founder Alvin Aguilar to promote the sport.

Bare-knuckle fighting is gaining popularity in the US and Europe, so it’s just a matter of time until it’s widespread here, Aguilar said.

Arnold Vegafria, renowned talent management who is also the head of the URCC, feels that conducting a bare-knuckle fight may be an effective way to attract an audience.

“We at URCC believe that Filipino fight fans are yearning for something more thrilling, and this might very well be what we have all been waiting for!” “This could very well be what we have all been waiting for!” Vegafria stated.

As a matter of fact, the bare-knuckle fight between rapper Kenjhons Serrano and YouTuber Map Soberano will be the main event of the mixed martial arts bill.


In addition, there will be three bare-knuckle fights on the undercard: Rocky Vergara will fight Marvin dela Cruz, Kimbert Alintozon will fight JV Baldonasa, and Mark Alcoba will fight Zarco Gales.

For the time being, bare-knuckle boxing will only be used as a demonstration sport in the URCC. Fights will only last for three rounds, each of which will last for two minutes. However, according to Aguilar, some of the standard boxing rules, such as the 10-point must-score system, will be implemented as well.

Despite the fact that the fights were nothing more than showcases, tension rapidly increased during the URCC 80 press introduction that took place on Thursday at the aforementioned nightclub. This was notably the case among the protagonists for the main event.

During the face-off, both Serrano and Soberano, who are newcomers to the world of combat sports, exchanged insults with one another and had a heated exchange of their own.

Soberano, who was probably not impressed with the flaunting, hurled some choice words at Serrano, which led to Serrano pushing Soberano off with Aguilar and the security personnel dragging both rookie pugs away from each other to calm matters. Serrano lit up his fist straps in the fire to show off against Soberano.

However, the trash talking spread to their teams, and several members of Team Kenjhons and Team Map came dangerously close to physical altercations as a result.

Additionally, there will be three mixed martial arts (MMA) matches taking place.

In one of the fights in the flyweight class, Rene and Robin Catalan’s brother Ruel faces off against Edrion Macatangay, while in the other fight at the 125-pound division, Rex de Lara faces off against Jayson Margallo. Ruel Catalan is a veteran of ONE Championship.

In the other mixed martial arts fight that will take place on October 27, bantamweight competitors John Ornido and Janedie Bernardo will go head-to-head.

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